Farmworkers Health and Safety

Designed to Empower and Improve the Health and Safety of Farmworker Women

Why for farmworkers women?

Due to the nature of the agricultural work environment in Florida, with extremely high temperatures during the summer and a long growing season, farmworker women of reproductive age are at higher risk of exposure to occupational dangers. This workshop will help farmworker women reduce the health risks associated with heat stress, physical strain, and exposure to toxic pesticides! Knowledge is power.

Methodology and Goals

This interactive workshop is the result of a four-year collaborative research project between the Farmworker Association of Florida, Emory University, and the Farmworker Health and Safety Institute. It is designed to improve the reproductive health and birth outcomes of farmworker women in Florida.

Goals of this Project

  • Improve reproductive health and pregnancy outcomes among farmworker and minority women in high risk communities
  • Develop leadership skills among farmworker women
  • Promote healthy choices among mothers, children, families, and communities