Farmworkers Health and Safety

Educational Information for Farmworkers' Health and Safety

The "Yes We Can" program explained

Based on the methodology of popular education, the “Yes We Can” training offers an opportunity for participants to talk about the conditions, problems, obstacles, and experiences in working on farms and in nurseries.
The goal of the training is to share important information on the health and safety of farmworkers, to discuss preventive and protective measures, to promote community solidarity, and to empower agricultural workers to advocate on their own behalf.

"Yes We Can" contents

Trainings provide agricultural workers with information about:
• Exposure to pesticides, including risks, preventive and protective measures.
• Workplace hazards, including heat stress and how to avoid slips, trips, and falls.
• Eye injuries, including the importance of wearing protective eyewear.
• Recognizing and reporting violations in the workplace.
• Workers’ rights to a safe workplace and the laws designed to protect them.
• The responsibilities of employers to protect the health and safety of workers.

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